Most Desired

Reinette Collection

Reinette Collection is another Signature Series of Miss Mondial. Inspired by a ribbon, Reinette Collection symbolizes a true friendship with strong bond reflected by a ribbon band tied into a knot and created that beautiful ribbon bow; endless, strong, yet delicate and beautiful.

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Mondial Excellent Cut™

Mondial Excellent Cut Diamond are truly a cut above the rest, and include only specimens deemed the very best.

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Mondial Firemark™

Mondial FireMarkTM is the pinnacle of diamond perfection because it displays the perfect balance needed for that elusive perfect light. As every jewelry connoisseur would testify, only the most-perfectly cut diamonds exudes a perfect brilliant of shine. Mondial FireMarkTM truly is the most perfectly – cut princess diamond in the world.

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Mondial Brilliant Rose ™

Flawlessly crafted with 66 facets achieving gia – graded excellent polish and symmetry truly the cut of ultimate brilliance

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Designer Collaboration